The ReaperCast – 31- Ubisoft punishing gamers that use exploits?

April 29, 2016
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The ReaperCast – 31- Ubisoft punishing gamers that use exploits?


  • Host: Johnny
  • Panel Guests: Digital, Jammer, Grex, Evolve
  • Getting to know you – Rabb

Community Events

Gaming News

  • Doom Beta thoughts
  • Halo Firefight Beta thoughts
  • Recap Tame Wars/Dodo Fights
  • Ark: Survival of the Fittest coming to PS4 first
  • Ark release pushed to Holiday 2016
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare?
  • Call of Duty account seemingly confirms Modern Warfare remaster with poop emoji

Roundtable Discussion

  • Ubisoft punishing players that use exploits?

Clan Hype

  • Welcome all the new members in the Clan.
  • Quick Extra Life mention
  • Next show on May 12th!
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