May 12, 2016 Lala Calamari

Saturday Night Battlefield [XB1]



Lala Calamari and MNVikesfan are hosting a Saturday Night BF4 session. Join on us or shoot us a message and we’ll get you in a game. Let’s get a good amount of GRG out and kick some ass!

Lala Calamari

Supreme Ruler of the Universe and MLG gamer.

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  • Yes please send a message to lala or myself- or just join the party!

  • Ill be on but is it possible @Lala_Calamari or @catsweat if we do it on The Litter Box can we mix it up some and play on some of the community maps, like Dragon Valley etc? The maps are free so everyone can get them an they are a lot different than the default we are constantly playing on.

  • Do like me farmer, just don’t look at the score.

  • The score won’t matter to me until I have lala’s tags

  • As I said before, I’m pretty safe as I’m at the objective.

  • I can vouch that he likes the D.

  • i’m ready to defend some D’s from some B’s with my fellow A’s, am I right? Okay, I’ll C myself out.

  • I re-upped cat’s server but we couldn’t get any traction on it tonight so we switched to other servers. Finally winding up on team tard server. It’s bad when all of GRG are in the top 10 in BF4 on our team.

    I did take the time to switch up to a SCAR DMR (in core even) and loved the gun. I had a 4x ACOG (or equivalent) scope on it with an angled grip and muzzle break (I don’t have much unlocked). It’s pretty accurate and I don’t mind semi auto rifles. I’d rather have all my bullets hit than a select few due to recoil.

  • BTW, what’s up with the lag on servers? We seemed to hit a few that were brutal. Lots of rubber banding going on.

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