New Site Design

July 18, 2016
July 18, 2016 Grex

New Site Design


You may have noticed that we have drastically changed the way the main site looks, moving to what we believe is a more streamlined and modern design.  I want to thank everyone that has provided feedback so far on the useability and any issues that have come up. I have been working on correcting the issues that have already been brought up and if they havent been fixed yet they will be soon. I encourage everyone to speak up and if you see any issues or things that could be better please let me know.  You can post comments here or start a need thread in the Meta category on the forums.

Important note to make is now when you login you will be directed to your profile page now.  Please make sure you keep this up to date with your gamertags.  Most fields will sync over to your forum profile.

As always this site is about the community and it does not exist with out it.

Dont game alone!


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Notable Replies

  • Looks Great! Thanks for your hard work on it Grex. It is amazing what you can get done when LaLa is behind you cracking the whip.

  • I agree! very stream lined and a bit more professional looking!! we are all sorts of fancy now

  • Great work on the site, looks fantastic!

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