The ReaperCast – 36 – Gaming Remakes

July 8, 2016
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The ReaperCast – 36 – Gaming Remakes

Gaming News

Round Table Discussion: Let’s talk about Remakes

  • What games deserve remakes?
  • What games shouldn’t have been remade?
  • General feelings about remakes/reissues/remasters?

Clan Hype

  • Welcome all the new members in the Clan.
  • Quick Extra Life mention
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Lala Calamari

Supreme Ruler of the Universe and MLG gamer.

Notable Replies

  • Loved the show guys. Lot of good conversation.

  • Good show…listened to it at work yesterday.

    I wanna see a new remake or remaster of Chiller,

  • I want to see a remake of GTA Vice City with current GTA technology. Maybe a new story or two with it.

    As for remaster, we are already getting MW1. I’m looking forward to MW2’s remaster.

  • Great episode/show.

    I wasn’t aware that you traded in 360 GTA for the Xbox One version. Too bad I missed that opportunity. That’s one game I still wish I could play right now.

    One remake/remaster I want, and want it available for the One, is Shadow of the Colossus. What a game that was.

    Edit: One other is Bloody Roar. Probably the best fighting game I’ve ever played.

  • Great show! I’m sure its just a coincidence that Lala wasn’t on it.
    I’d like to see a updated Bard’s Tale or D&D in the Pool of Radiance/Gold box series campaigns.
    Maybe a remake of Twilight 2000.

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