The ReaperCast – 42 – The Destiny Review

September 30, 2016
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The ReaperCast – 42 – The Destiny Review


GRG Community Nights

  • Tuesday Destiny Reset Night – Combo of crucible, strikes, nightfalls
  • Wednesday Night Community Night – Destiny Private Lobby/Strikes
  • GRG WWE WrassleMania 2! Customs battle royale coming soon! Sign up now!
  • GRG Destiny Tournament! Oct 5th Sign ups in the forum

Gaming News

  • Extra Life: November 5th
  • GTA Online: Bikers Oct 4th
  • Vivendi ups stake in Ubisoft to 20.1% – closer to takeover.
  • Twitch Auto Hosting
  • Super Mega Baseball 2 announced – Super Mega Baseball part of Games with Gold in Oct
  • CoD W@W Back Compat
  • Destiny 2 will come to PC
  • Destiny: Rise of Iron Release

Main Topic – GRG Thoughts on Destiny: Rise of Iron

  • Story
  • Strikes
  • Raids
  • Fresh content or more of the same?
  • Overall Thoughts

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Lala Calamari

Supreme Ruler of the Universe and MLG gamer.

Notable Replies

  • And it wouldn’t be a ReaperCast without some technical difficulties. Prior to the start, the Skype recording software we use didn’t like the latest Skype update. Tried to run a software update from the app but there were no updates. So I bought 2 copies of some shitty basic app and we ran with that. Lovely thing didn’t mute my mic when I pressed mute on mic. So I apologize for some of the coughing. I know we’re amateur hour here but that’s really noobish. Oh well.

    Anyway, it turns out the original software did have an update but we had to download directly from the site. One day we’ll be almost pro.

  • It was fine, genuinely didn’t notice any difference in audio quality and had just assumed someone coughed without having the time to mute their mic.

    I still prefer audio-version and actually listen to these ones regularly now.

  • No worries!
    Lurker… New guy, it is all the same. You do have a purpose beyond Extra-Life Pimp Supreme and that wretched K/D made me feel fantastic.

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