XBOX One Clubs

September 28, 2016
September 28, 2016 Grex

XBOX One Clubs

Thanks to Xbox we have one more ways to get together, and annoy each other. With their implementation of clubs on the One they’ve made it that much more social and easier to get together on the fly and game together.

Clubs is essentially an easy way to jump on your XBone and right away see who is on that is in GRG. You can set up some LFG sessions, share stuff and even chat with each

As expected, ours is called Grim Reaper Gamers and if you are part of the preview program you can easily go to community and select clubs and then search for it. However if you’re not part of the preview program there is still hope for you. If you have the Xbox App you can still join from there and if you don’t have it… should.

So, jump on and join, then sit back and patiently wait for GRG members to get on and play with you.

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Notable Replies

  • As Grex said above, if you’re not in the XBox live preview program (I am not) you can still access XBox Groups via Andriod’s XBox Live App. You need to get the beta version of that to have access (I think you need the beta, which you can get on Google Play).

  • I added a shit load of people yesterday. If you have the beta app you may already have a invite.

  • Do they still do invites to get into the preview program? I looked into it before, but I can’t remember. If so… I know a guy… who could use one…

  • They do but we have been sending them out to a handful of people for over a year and they have yet to get in. They think we are lying to them about sending them invites.

  • Huh, that’s weird. I wonder why they’re being so stingy about it.

  • I am going to send you one. I hope you get in. Screw those other guys. :slight_smile:

  • Haha thank you. I promise not to brag if I get in, or rub it in other peoples faces. After I post here telling everyone to suck it anyways. THEN… I will be humble.

  • Bump as a reminder. I would highly suggest that all GRG who own an XBox join this club. We post events there regularly as well as it’s a good place to see all the GRG XBox members.

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