ReaperCast 64 – What fall games are we looking forward to?

August 16, 2017
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ReaperCast 64 – What fall games are we looking forward to?

Grim Reaper Gamers hosts a Bi-Weekly Podcast where we talk about Community News, Video Games, Beer and whatever else we feel like blabbling on about.

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Lala Rant

  • Johnny Guest Rant

Gaming News 

  • BF1 Joins EA Vault
  • Discord testing Video chat
  • Horns of the Reach DLC for ESO
  • Division 1.7 Update
  • CoD WW2 Beta info released

Main Topic – Most anticipated fall releases

Community Info

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Lala Calamari

Supreme Ruler of the Universe and MLG gamer.

Notable Replies

  • Grex says:

    Its Kahura you fools. If you’re going to make fun do it right.

  • Have a feeling next CoD is going to bring GRG back for moar.

    Set to be best since Ghosts, as long as flash bangs are present.

  • Grex says:

    Didnt they say that for the previous version as well.

  • Ghosts is the standard bearer. ww2 has a lot to get right before it can topple the champ.

  • I’m not looking forward to anything. Seeing what the actual internal hardware specs are for the X and maybe Forza 7. Star Wars would be an after release purchase if they manage to wow me

  • Also, I was looking forward to Lalas rant segment :sob:

  • I had a good one but @anon3687162 wanted me to use it when he’s on. Plus, Johnny wanted a crack at it.

  • Johnny always rants. This is your time to shine.

  • I was just looking through the releases for the rest of the year and I am with Nail. Not looking forward to anything. I’ll be getting my normal sports games and Forza 7, but nothing else stands out.

    I need a decent game to play though so I guess I will be getting D2 or COD against my better judgement. Hopefully I will like them and play them more than a few hours.

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