ReaperCast 65 – Game of Thrones Season Finale Review

August 30, 2017
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ReaperCast 65 – Game of Thrones Season Finale Review

Grim Reaper Gamers hosts a Bi-Weekly Podcast where we talk about Community News, Video Games, Beer and whatever else we feel like blabbing on about.  This episode we discuss the season finale of Game of Thrones.

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Lala Rant

  • Lurkers – Why do people join a social gaming site and not participate?

Gaming News 

  • CoD WW2 Beta
  • NBA 2K18 cover issue
  • Kyrie Irving in Cavs uniform – traded to Celts or not?
  • GTA Smuggler’s Run
  • ESO Horns of the Reach coming to consoles
  • Destiny PC beta goes Live

Main Topic

  • Discussion of season seven finale of Game of Thrones

Community Info

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Lala Calamari

Supreme Ruler of the Universe and MLG gamer.

Notable Replies

  • Longer pause than usual between JH intro and the chat, not bad, just unexpected.

    I love how, even though he does it every time, whenever JH asks Jammer how he is, Jammer always responds with “Hey John, how are you?” and it always seems to unsettle JH.

    Yes, as JH said, the PSN firmware 5.0 beta access codes were region-locked, each person received 3 codes to try out the update (so 2 spare).

    Comment to Jammer, re his point about Arya pretending to be Sansa - she can only do that if she has Sansa’s face…

    Daario (lover of Daenrys) was a member of the Second Sons, not the Golden Company.

  • One major complaint @anon42851937, there was no warning there were spoilers for GoT, ruined entire episode.

    Arya is really a dude, him and Sansa will do the horizontal mombo, then Arya will be man of Winterfell since Bran is an invalid.

  • To answer the question on what is Theon packing? He has been castrated meaning that the testicles are gone as well as the shaft. Apparently Theon had a large package and was very proud of it so Ramsay emasculated him by taking the thing that was the most precious to Theon. But I agree this story line is dead in the water, and I get annoyed anytime he is on screen. The only thing interesting about the Grey joys is their fleet and that is over in Essos now.

  • They’ve been reduced to FedEx.

  • What can Grey do for you?

  • SALT says:

    Lurkers Rant OMG. Thanks for letting us be quiet while participating LOL. Right now its the time of year and there are no games to play… BORED when not vacationing, summering and just plain not even home.

    Wait till the new games come out. I also think more gamers are moving to the looking for a group mode. Now Im going to start a new rant :roll_eyes: I am not sure the new games that have been pushed out are all that amenable to playing as a group, and that adds to Lurkers feeling welcome, or not.

    It seems every one wants a certain k/d, or to get there dam care packages, crates loot etc so they do not give a frick about playing as a team and the games do not foster it in anyway. I get it you need the care packages to get that special gun to stay competitive but dam. COD domination perfect example no one plays TFO. Then again I didn’t play Division because I did not want to be an ass and steal others peoples loot WTF. F the Zone. Maybe I’m just officially old now.

    Its what I like about Battlefield I can play a medic have a few kills and contribute more than I could if I sat back and check my kill counter. I try not to die repeatedly but I value picking up a teammate over standing by letting some one kill a teammate to get the kill for myself.

    I think as COD has changed so have other games somewhat in how they are played.

    The short version : I think the games being developed today do not lend themselves to pulling in lurkers to a community if they are not a certain light level, k/d etc. How many are there that let you pull in more than a few members at a time. I love Battlefield but even there we can’t keep a group together.

  • I think we did a bad job of explaining it. We were really directing it towards people that sign up to a site like GRG and that’s it. Never posting, never gaming. Or join our Discord server and never say a word. I can’t tell you how many accounts I removed (from people unsubbing) from our site that don’t even have forum accounts (GRG creates 2 accounts per users. one for the main page and one for the forums as they’re actually 2 different sites and software).

    I get that people can be quiet or take time away from gaming. That’s why we never remove people even if they go MIA. A lot of times they come back when they find a new game they’re into. I also understand that not everyone is vocal. They just want to group up with like minded adults and get a few games in. They may never even talk in game. That’s fine as well.

    I blame @anon3687162 for not explaining it properly.

  • Yes please blame me for the segment titled Lala Rant.

  • SALT says:

    Was really just giving you shit and ranting myself about the quality of games. I do think GRG is an exception in gaming like a community.
    I did not realize so many inactive accounts.

    Im so bored with the current games and just so hoping for a good COD. Will shut up now and get on beta to game quietly in silence :grinning:

    Really its to save the rest of you from my colorful expletives while gaming.

  • Colourful expletives make it colourful.

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