The Star Citizen Chronicles Part II

December 2, 2017
December 2, 2017 GrumpyInUt

The Star Citizen Chronicles Part II

Day 2: Game Version 2.6.3


I really wanted to get some screenshots and share in this but I can’t for the life of me get anything anyone tells me to work. No, F12 does not work no matter what a google search says. I don’t even have a screenshot folder in my game file.

Anyway, this game is far from done. Your “player menu” that you use to get to your missions, journal, etc, has 80% of its windows unusable with the words “coming soon” on them. That aside, this game is very pretty…. god is it pretty! If the basic player menu isn’t done that’s gotta mean at least a year, maybe two, right??

After finally screwing around with the options, I got my Xbox gamepad all set up and all the inverts working right!! I also figured out how to call the ship to the hangar. Not only is the hangar where you customize your ship, this is also your player housing it seems. I accidentally placed a trophy case against one of the walls trying to figure out why there was little green markers on the floor. There’s a couple elevators around the area that go to a second-floor catwalk that has several doors around the perimeter. None of them open at this time but it has the potential to be huge if they plan to make them operational in the future.

Since I only have a poor pleb ship that was already outfitted, there isn’t much else to do in the hangar in this version of the game so off we go to the Space Port section to be rammed by other players! Yipee!


Well… I just finished trying to do some missions in Crusader to earn some money and each destination I had to go to to fix the comms or whatever had a damn pirate there that smoked me. Aiming with fixed guns on the Aurora was very hard for me. I had what I think to be missile lock and hit the missiles and I think they clipped the top of my ship and blew me up….. twice.  The dog fighting is not bad. I’d say it’s on par with Elite Dangerous for any of you that have played that. There is a bad bug with the pirate dialogue after killing you that plays over and over in triplet.

I am now bankrupt and can’t afford to buy my ship back, lol.

After some quick reading it appears I may be able to do some of the other game types and earn some money back since I cannot do it by using my ship that I cannot pay for now.


That’s gonna do it for this section. Next time I’ll touch on one of the other sections of the game. I think there is CQC ship battles and FPS skirmishes left!


Side Thoughts


One thing that has been blazing around the internet as of late is micro-transactions. SC has recently come out with the option to buy plots of land. There is a $50 and $100 option. Of course, there are already articles out poking at them for even considering this. These can be bought with in-game credits as well but they won’t have the bonuses that paid ones have. I have not looked in to what those bonuses are at this time.

It got me thinking though …… can you fairly throw SC under the bus for that, when from the very beginning they ask for large sums of money for in-game stuff to go towards development? Our very own Jammer had this to say about what he would do if he bought land in Star Citizen.

Obviously this was said in jest but anyone playing SC that came across that theoretical sign in their $500 ship would scoff and fly off.

Also, this:

I have to agree. Never mind the fact that most Destiny and Battlefront players would rather shit in both hands and clap than spend SC levels of money on their respective game.


Check out Part 1 here.


Just an old guy who will more than likely die with a controller in his hands.

Notable Replies

  • You can’t compare the price of the ship to that of a microtransaction. The price of the ship is a pledge to support the game. A microtransaction is something that is sub $100 and some are already listed on the webpage.

    Ship skins: $5

    5000 UEC: $5
    10000 UEC: $10
    20000 UEC : $20

    Hangars: $20-$50

    If you compare these prices to other games that have microtransactions they are pretty similar.

  • If you cant buy this ship…what was the point of the Insurance?

  • I can’t afford the insurance premium to replace it from getting blown up.

  • Also this isn’t right. The land claim license is what gives you the protection. Whether purchased as a pledge or with in game credits it is the same. What the license does is it gives you protection in the sense that if someone attacks your plot then it is a crime and they become criminals. You can build with out the license but you won’t get that protection.

    Will I have an advantage over other players if I buy a claim license now?
    No. Licenses can be bought for UEC in game and no one will be able to claim land before the mechanic is available in game for all. People that own claim licenses now, during the anniversary sale to support development, and people that earn the money in-game to buy one will be on equal footing assuming they have enough UEC, especially as there will be millions of locations for people to explore and claim within the Universe over the life time of the game.

    Does every player need a claim license?
    No. Land claims are only of benefit to those players who want UEE protection when constructing their own outpost, extracting value from an area’s natural resources, or financially speculate in the real estate market. If players decide to do this on unclaimed land then they do so without any rights to the land and any protection which comes with those rights.

  • Good to know!

    I don’t even think I want to mess around with that from a solo aspect. Maybe support a GRG base or something if it will allow us to pool resources and funds.

  • Yea as a group I think it would be great.

  • Just finished a session of SC. That Space Marine(FPS) mode was pretty legit. Flying around in the PU was different as well. I got one mission done. But trying to figure out all the keybinds that arent listed will take some time.

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