ReaperCast 86 – E3 Reactions

June 20, 2018
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ReaperCast 86 – E3 Reactions

Grim Reaper Gamers hosts a Bi-Weekly Podcast where we talk about Community News, Video Games, Beer and whatever else we feel like discussing. This episode we discuss our reactions to E3. What did we like? What didn’t we like? And what made us scratch our heads?

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Lala Rant

  • Notification request pop ups for every site
  • (Rant Re-visit) Game breaking bugs in new releases / updates.

Topic   – E3 Reactions




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Lala Calamari

Supreme Ruler of the Universe and MLG gamer.

Notable Replies

  • Did anyone have any problems with the audio on this file…halo was awesome…but it’s dead…destiny is where it’s at

    EDIT:audio is great on a PC but must be a cashing issue on my phone

  • That’s odd. I’m listening to it now on my phone and it’s fine. (Pocketcast on Andriod).

    That said we’re not thrilled with the sound lately. We’re going to be making a few changes.

  • I might play fallout 76 and will play anthem…(just like ESO, I know)…the season pass issue (I made a post in forums) COD is not generally my thing (I own WW2 but did not survive the beach) but with the season pass thing makes it easy for me to take a pass (see what i did there). Sadly, I think that same attitude may translate over to destiny players that would have bought the Forsaken DLC but feel a little FU towards Bungie/activision with this pricing strategy…I’ll pay $100/yr hands down but i suspect some may say too much is too much on this game pass issue. (not trying to reignite a prior discussion, I promise)

  • I think the skip forward 30s and skip back 10s buttons are broken on the player.
    They don’t really seem to do anything, though the audio does stutter every time I click on them.

    Chrome browser / Windows 10 / laptop.

  • I’ll have to reach out to support.

  • Grex says:

    Don’t spread your hate and lies around here.

    Halo will be king again when the new release launches.

  • I rooting for it don’t get me wrong…but that gibert Godfrey thing, I dunno :rofl:

  • lol, Gilbert Godfrey for the announcer. you would laugh every time. there is a microtransaction I would pay for.

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