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GRG Destiny 2 Raid Night [PS4]

By SoInZane

Starts in 5 Days, 49 Minutes

July 26, 2019 9:00 pm America/New_York

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Its the start of the weekend Guardians and time to Raid! Lets get that Raid loot and kick some alien ass! Join the PS4 Destiny 2 GRG clan every Friday night and claim your spot in a Fire Team. We may have multiple parties and may also do multiple raids or multiple runs so check the Destiny Forum Category for signups and who to join on! Never Game Alone, Never Raid Alone and Never LFG while you are GRG!

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Hello, 37 years young here and i'm an IT professional currently doing ITSM work; both Service Mgmt and some light Development. I am an avid gamer of about 30 years or so and don't regret a minute. Computers and video games are where its at! I'm a huge sports fan of many different sports as well and also love the outdoors, smoking cigars and drinking a lil something.

Notable Replies

  • How did it go? I’d have joined up but I had other plans.

    If folks are looking to raid tonight (Saturday), I’ll be free.

  • We never had enough on… started pinging others and then @TwistedGunsmith @StreetRacer and I started a nightfall and that took forever lol but we got that engram!

    We can raid today/tonight for sure

  • I am definitely down for that I’ve got to run to get my meds in a few and then I’ll be back at the house

  • What time are we planning running this??

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