December 2, 2019 Souless Grimm

Modern Warfare Crossplay night 12/5/19 9pm est.

December 5, 2019

9:00 pm / 11:00 pm New York


        Alright its time for a Modern Warfare Crossplay Night so lets get together and run public matches. Sign up so i know who to look for and have an idea of how many groups we will need to run. Everyone is invited whether you’re PC, Xbox or PS4 sign up and lets shoot some people. Check the forums for the Activision account names to get others added as well.


Souless Grimm

Single father working a weekday 7-5 shift I play sometimes after work but mostly on weekends I just got back into ESO and play a couple other games like Ark and occasionally RS siege

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  • I’ll be online Activision I’d: TwistedGunsmith

  • I’m down and should be able to make this!

  • You can bet I’ll be on tomorrow night and for anyone curious RuttedClown is GhostKing1. So if you invite me and see that name pop up, its still me.

  • Well this is for Thursday night lol

  • Meant more I’ll be on for both Wed Community Night and on Crossplay night, ya nerd

  • I’m not going to be on tonight. Firewall Migration tonight.


    Make sure sure to post up your Activision accounts in this tread and here:

    More importantly, make sure to ADD each other to your Activision friends list. With cross play enabled and players on all platforms we need to do a better job as a community with gaming with each other. We all have been asking for this for years and now it’s here in a hot game we’re all enjoying.

    One final tip. Make sure to change your Voice settings to No Effect. Go to Settings, Audio then scroll down to the Game Chat settings. Turn off Stealth or whatever is selected. This will give you all normal voices instead of that stupid walkie talkie bullshit.

  • I will be around tonight. Activision ID: Klown4Life

  • I’ll be on tonight.

    Please add me as a friend: SpiderDice#1601640

  • I had a pretty good time good games for the most part I think we only lost once and that was our first lol

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