September 18, 2018 SoInZane

[PS4] – GRG Destiny 2 Clan Night / Reset Tuesday

By SoInZane

Starts in 2 Days, 9 Hours

August 20, 2019 8:00 pm America/New_York

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Join the GRG Destiny 2 PS4 Clan every Tuesday Night at 8:00 PM (EST) for ‘Reset Tuesday’. Lets get fire teams going and help each other with clan specific bounties when you need to run activities with clan mates. We will run Crucible, Gambit, Escalation Protocol and Strikes primarily and look to get our Clan rank up while also getting a head start on the week ahead. We can help each other out with “Daily” and “Weekly” rewards as well.

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Hello, 37 years young here and i'm an IT professional currently doing ITSM work; both Service Mgmt and some light Development. I am an avid gamer of about 30 years or so and don't regret a minute. Computers and video games are where its at! I'm a huge sports fan of many different sports as well and also love the outdoors, smoking cigars and drinking a lil something.

Notable Replies

  • I’ll be on prolly round 10ish maybe later I’m at my little sisters softball game. But I finally got passed 520 @SoInZane

  • @PS4Players @destinyplayers its reset Tuesday and our official D2 Clan night. Let’s get those Fireteams going and knockout some bounties together and raise that Clan Level!

  • @PS4Players @destinyplayers lets get grouped up and form some fire teams for our Reset Tuesday clan night. It was requested that we run some EP for the sniper so we can surely do that along with running various other activities.

    I will be on around 8PM EST and will get a party started just hop in the party and lets shoot some shit!

  • I’m down for some ep I need to work on my exotic quests

  • I will be on shortly…
    As I said I’ve got to stay up most of the night because I go back to work tomorrow night;-(

  • @PS4Players @destinyplayers time to group up for reset day. Lots to do this week so lets get those fire teams going. I should be on around 8PM EST maybe a little sooner.

  • Is this an ongoing post or will there be a new one for this reset? I’ve got so much I need to do and could use some help figuring it out (Blind Well, Escalation Protocol, raids etc etc). I’ll probably be on around 6pm pacific time each weekday.

  • I had a blast doing blind well… and also managed to run and find lfg to run a 100k nightfall… took forever but finally got it done…

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