March 9, 2020 beers and leafs

beers and leafs

So, my name is Sean and I think I was the original Canadian in here.. And if not, I don't care, I'm the ONLY one that matters. I'm 40 something years old, married for 20 years, together for twenty-nine years. We have two kids, a 18 year old boy and an 23 year old girl. I work for one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world as a field technician and I love it. I am out on the road all day, working at my own pace, without anyone looking over my shoulder half the time. On some more personal stuff: I love food I have currently 6 tattoos I spent 32 months in jail when I was 18 I play softball, I used to run a team and coach 3 other teams. I game most nights from 9pm for a couple of hours and usually a significant ammount more on Weekends.