February 5, 2016 Lala Calamari

GRG presents the Reapercast Rountable – Division Beta

Tonight we discuss the Division beta. Join in on the conversation in the chat room.


  • Third person shooter(Shooting mechanics)
  • Cover mechanics
  • Unlimited sprint
  • Fast Travel System
  • Environment

Weapons and Skill

  • Clip: Lances “Division Menus” Clip

Weapon types and rarity

  • Map
  • Inventory Screen
  • Abilities screen
  • Other options (barbie dress up info, sound)


  • Clip: Johnny’s Mission Clip.
  • Madison Square Garden Mission
  • Normal and Hard Mode
  • Side missions
  • Encounters
  • Echos, Collectibles, etc…

PVP (Dark Zones)

  • Clip: Grex’s Hot LZ Clip
  • NPC’s
  • Other players
  • Loot
  • Extraction Zones

Final Thoughts

  • Will it pull Destiny players?
  • Are you going to get it, did the beta sway or change your decision?
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