The Reapercast – 29 – Loot. Is it killing PVP modes?

March 31, 2016
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The Reapercast – 29 – Loot. Is it killing PVP modes?

  • Upcoming GRG Community Events
    • Madden League, Rocket League Tourneys (3/23), Fifa Tourney


  • Game Relevant News
    • Call of Duty – In space?
    • Rocket League Basketball will arrive in April.  In time for NBA Playoffs.  The update is free of charge.
    • Battleborn Beta
      • April 8th at 10am PST (5pm UTC) – PS4
      • April 13th at 10am PST (5pm UTC) – PS4, PC, and Xbox One
      • Open Beta ends April 18th at 7am PST (2pm UTC)


  • Relevant Xbox News
    • First DLC for FO4, Automatron, released for both systems


  • Relevant Playstation News
    • MLB: The Show 16
    • Resident Evil 6 Rereleased on Current gen


  • Looking Ahead at Game Releases
    • Quantum Break(April 5), Dark Souls 3(April 12)


  • Roundtable Discussion: Is the need for loot hurting PvP in games like The Division?



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