The Reapercast – 29 – Loot. Is it killing PVP modes?

March 31, 2016
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The Reapercast – 29 – Loot. Is it killing PVP modes?


  • Game Relevant News
    • Call of Duty – In space?
    • Rocket League Basketball will arrive in April.  In time for NBA Playoffs.  The update is free of charge.
    • Battleborn Beta
      • April 8th at 10am PST (5pm UTC) – PS4
      • April 13th at 10am PST (5pm UTC) – PS4, PC, and Xbox One
      • Open Beta ends April 18th at 7am PST (2pm UTC)


  • Relevant Xbox News
    • First DLC for FO4, Automatron, released for both systems




  • Roundtable Discussion: Is the need for loot hurting PvP in games like The Division?



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Lala Calamari

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Notable Replies

  • Fixed the proper audio file link.

  • BTW, you all should just subscribe to the RSS feed or iTunes for audio. Use a Podcast app on your phone. It will auto-download then.

  • You guys didn’t even mention the DZ announcements they have made. Daily Assignments for the DZ you get rewards for. Rather they involve going rogue or not I don’t know yet.

    Then Supply Drop where supplies drop, show on map so everybody can see it, protected by strong mobs, and only one group can get it. This gots to get people to go rogue.

    And a gear set that you can only get in DZ. (might be only way to get them is through supply drops but they didn’t announce how you get them).

  • I understand that but as long as Division DZ was talked about and bagged on I just think would of been worth for somebody to say they were bringing changes that may promote what’s it’s currently lacking.

  • Not live yet, right?

  • @AmuseKus If that info came from yesterday’s stream we had already recorded the show so we wouldn’t have had that information. We prerecorded this show on Wed. because some of us couldn’t do it on Thursday live.

    I also didn’t realized The Division was bagged on. Our topic was talking about loot and PVP in games. Destiny and The Division being the main games yes. We weren’t bagging on the game but discussing whether we liked Loot based PVP or rather does loot based games hurt PVP game modes.

  • I was bagging on it. I won’t lie. I feel like the Division under delivered for end game content. Also, the topic was about lack of PvP in games due to loot grind. I’m just about 30 in the DZ. I have had only one issue with Rogue agents. Only one time. The DZ is not working as intended, Ubisoft even stated that.

    Bottom line is, the ReaperCast is meant as an opinion show. We gave our opinion. I’m not a fanboy of any game and will call out any games faults (even my beloved GW2).

  • Bi understand LaLa but I have had the opposite experience. I even played DZ this morning before work, just for like half an hour, and got rogue killed.
    Every night I play I see rogues on radar. Sometimes I chase, sometimes I don’t, there are times I gone rogue. I don’t know if it has to do with time you are on or what, or you just get bad luck with servers. Now not half the groups are going rogue but there are usually least one, or people that are just griefing.
    I do lot more DZ early day morning, afternoon, before Daily reset. Which is 8pm EDT

    EDIT: and the point wasn’t about the bagging, I could careless especially since there is issues. My point was info of potential saving DZ for now but thought you recorded Thursday so my bad

  • Good show.

    I wish I had LaLas instances. Would make farming runs a bit easier. Most of the rogues we come across are max geared and all run the bread and butter builds which make them unkillable until all their cooldowns are up.

    I do hope they continue to balance the Division and can’t wait to burn days/hours conquering the incursion.

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