State of GRG – Fall 2017

October 18, 2017
October 18, 2017 Lala Calamari

State of GRG – Fall 2017

Every few months we like to write up the current state of GRG. We want members to know where we are and what we plan to do. It also gives our members a chance to voice their thoughts and ideas. We’re constantly facing challenges and having a plan of action just helps to overcome them. It’s very difficult to manage a large gaming community in today’s environment but something we have been successful at. GRG has been an open community for over four years now and the core of GRG have been in a clan together for well over a decade. (Can you believe some of these fools listened to Lala Calamari for over 10 years? Gluttons for punishment!) This article just serves as a way to explain our direction and expectations.

How can Members get involved.

To fully benefit from a gaming community like Grim Reaper Gamers members need to put forth some effort. While there is nothing wrong with lurking the site simple tasks like participating in the forums, adding new members to your friends lists and PMing ideas to GRG staff goes a long way. This is a community, a group effort. GRG will only get better the more active and involved everyone is. One of our mottos is “Don’t Game Alone”, that is what we are truly about. Get active. Get involved. Make Friends. Start game lobbies and invite EVERYONE! It’s so much better than gaming alone or with randoms.


Upcoming events

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 was an immensely hyped game that really brought out the gaming masses. We saw a resurgence of old GRG members and an influx of new members due to our recruitment campaign. Unfortunately, Destiny 2 isn’t holding gamer’s attention as long as Destiny 1 did. I had hundreds on my Friends list playing D2 the first few weeks. That number has drastically dropped and we have to adjust to that to keep people’s interest.

I’m not saying we’re abandoning Destiny 2 or it’s events. We’re not and won’t. Destiny 2 will be a big part of GRG for some time to come. With 2 Destiny Clans (Bungie site) we’ll always have a ton playing. We’re just going to sprinkle other events and games into the fold. We’ll still run Strikes, Nightfalls, Crucible, Iron Banner and of course the raid but expect to see activity scale back a bit.

One major focus will be getting everyone (who is interested) through the raid. Expect to see some official Raid nights that will have a few “Sherpas” to guide players through it. You’ll see new events on our calendar and sign ups on our forums.




Forza 7

Forza 7 events have been really well received in GRG. We currently have a good group running some Time Trial races with some friendly banter going on between us. GRG isn’t known for being the fastest but we do enjoy racing. We’ll continue running time trials as they can be completed on players own time.

We’ll also look at getting a few GRG Race nights set up. Just some nights set up for some friendly racing. The nights usually turn out to be a high speed demolition derby. All racing newcomers are welcomed to join in.



Call of Duty returns to “boots on the ground” gameplay. Call of Duty has always been a major title in this community’s history and we’re really looking forward to this title. We will make a recruitment push for this title and work on scheduling nights for this. We may add CoD WW2 to our Community Night rotation if private matches work and we have enough players. Private CoD matches were truly a foundation of GRG and really what our philosophy is about. Get online, have a drink, shoot each other in the face and have a good time. We’re hopeful we can return to that again.

Random Game Nights

While we tend to focus on the AAA titles we do like to switch things up. Every once in awhile you need a break from your main game or just want to play something else. Usually people toss up a forum post or hit chat to rally up a group. And that’s probably the preferred method at the moment. That said, we would like to get some official nights into other games. Here are some we are looking at (suggestions or additions are always welcomed).



Fortnite Battle Royal Night

A free game based off the extremely popular Battlegrounds game mode. It’s survival game of last man standing. It requires 4 people and is free. Everyone should give this a try. Look for official game nights in the upcoming weeks.



Battlefront 2

Loot crate fiasco aside, we expect a few people to still pick this up. We will kick off a few nights to see how much interest there is and to get those interested grouped up.



Player Unknown Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds is a major hit on the PC. We currently have quite a few people that play on a regular basis. We will look to recruit for this when it’s released on console. We’ll also kick off a weekly room as well.



Battlefield 1

Battlefield was a BIG hit in GRG when it was first released. The repetition and lack of DLC killed interest. Maybe the new DLC will help revitalize this title so expect to see us revisit BF1 after DLC ships. We will try to get a weekly or bi-weekly game going.

Paladins & Overwatch

The last of the smaller interest titles that we may look at getting a night or two going.   Our goal for games like these will be to attempt a monthly set night.  Just as a way to break up the monotony of playing the same games over and over.


We continue to record the ReaperCast on a bi-weekly basis. We recently started retooling this to expand out from just a GRG community news podcast. It’s now more of an Adult Gamer’s view on gaming and nerdy culture. We’re always looking for ideas, feedback and even new guests. Please give the podcast a listen and feel free to send us a PM or email to let us know what you think.

Extra Life

We are still involved in the Extra Life fundraiser. Please reach out to Johnny Hustler for ways you can get involved or donate to such a good cause.



In closing, we feel as though GRG is in a good place. We are a drama free group of adults just looking to get some games in. We have a healthy member base and we continue to grow daily. We will also look at ways of improving or streamlining how we run things and getting members involved. As stated before, feel free to reach out to any staff member with thoughts or ideas (or post a comment in the forums). As always be active, be a part of the community and don’t game alone!

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Lala Calamari

Supreme Ruler of the Universe and MLG gamer.

Notable Replies

  • A couple of weeks and this wI’ll be my main focus. Pub, private, zombies, whatever.

  • On the whole I’ve got tons of complaints but they’re all personal lol. Honestly though it wasn’t a bad year grg wise. Tons of issues with players on a certain console but that seems to have worked itself out and is on its way back so good job there.
    My only gripe is for the new players. If you’re serious about being in grg then throw out requests etc to members. Nobody is going to reject you. I try to throw requests out to people who show an interest in being here. They sign up to website, discord, etc. and are around for community nights. I do my best to friend them. If I miss you I’m sorry but I work nights with shit days off and miss a good portion of the more popular nights. So if I’ve missed you throw me an invite and I’ll reply.
    It’s a fun clan and everyone here is awesome. That’s all I’ve got.

  • ^This. I had a conversation with a new guy on discord today about this. He is in the 2nd D2 clan and wanted to move to the other. I told him that’s fine but he should really make sure he hits up the @DestinyPlayers and the forums and just start adding people to his list. Take the time and put forth some effort. It really goes a long way. Not only will it help him out with giving him options to game with but it also helps out the Community.

    Really, it’s just a giant Pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, I fucked up and didn’t learn how to profit from it. I’m not a smart man.

  • @Lala_Calamari I’ve gamed with you and yeah you make a ton of poor decisions. Lol all joking aside I understand where you’re coming from telling nfg’s it’s up to them to be proactive and hit people up. When I joined up I spammed everyone. Hell even guys who hadn’t powered up the xbone in months but I did it.
    Honestly I’ve got a bit complacent on friending new players. For a awhile I was diligent but the clan ran into a bunch who weren’t committed to it and bailed as soon as they signed up. Lol now my list is full of scrubs who haven’t played with us in a year atleast. I will try harder to include the nug’s.

  • Yes but if they give everyone access to custom private matches then we all could play on the same server against each other. Currently custom private servers are only for partners(youtubers,twitch streamers, etc.).

  • Agreed! The group has reached a very good level where we have a solid group of people online regularly and the forums are active. I think this is at or near the high point since back in the best days of 2o2s.

  • @Lala_Calamari This…this is the reason why I am so happy to be a part of a great community. I’ve already spoken highly of GRG to some of my friends and have been trying to recruit myself. I am happy to be a part of this community of like-minded gamers! Thanks for being so active and promoting involvement!

  • It has been an interesting year for me and the next 6 months will be as well. I joined GRG over 2 years ago and have really enjoyed it. I do miss the lare groups and custom games of those Call of Duty clan nights.
    GRG is certainly a console based community but their are a fair number of PC gamers here as well. I got lured into pc gaming this past year for the first time and spent a lot of time playing Ark and PUBG. It was nice to see a small pc player group become a thing in GRG.
    I will be playing COD WWII here in a few weeks and I have recently been on a Battlefield kick. Warming up my controller reflexes for COD, they are slower than I remember.
    Like they said above here, you new guys just have to jump in. You came here and applied because you wanted to be a part of the community, so become a part and participate. You introduced yourself here so that you could jump in a party and say hello and we would know who you are and how we can game with you. When we say to crash parties and send invites, we are not joking. Jump in, have a good time, and meet some of these guys and ladies. They are not bad most of the time.
    Also, everybody should look into the Extra Life fundraiser. Its a great cause and a fantastic time. This will be my 3rd year on the GRG fundraising team and its always a great time for a good cause.

  • Grex says:

    Also if there are any upcoming games on any platform that you are looking out for let us know. I am sure there are other people in the community that are looking at it as well. Feel free to make a thread about it and we can see whos getting it. There could quite possibly be a sleeper out there.

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